Experience is a Doorway, Not a Final Destination- Oswald Chambers

Friday, May 14

My Blog has Moved

My blog has moved to Whimbly.com

Please go to the site for updated postings.  For questions, please email me at allison@whimbly.com.

Thursday, May 13

Important! New Web Site!

In the interest of taking my blogging to the next level, I would like to announce that I have decided to start my own web site!

You read right. Hello world, my blog can now be found at whimbly.com. My new site includes the same blogs, comment options and information.  I will still post on my blogspot site for a few weeks along with updating my web site. 

Why Whimbly for a name, do you ask?  Well, I liked how the word Whimbly rolls off of my tongue and the word sounds, oh I don't know, whimsical and bubbly (hence the name Whimbly).

Say Whimbly ten times over.  That right there is why I picked the name.

I have also started a fan page on Facebook and you can follow me on Twitter.

I am so excited you all.  Did I say WHIMBLY.COM?

whimbly whimbly whimbly whimbly whimbly whimbly whimbly whimbly

Wednesday, May 12

Conversations with Lynn: On Getting Dressed

Sitting on the Edge of the Bed Wearing a Freshly Washed Pair of Jeans

Lynn: Can you put my socks on for me? I KNOW I'm not gonna be able to bend over in these jeans. 

He then sprawled out on the bed, held up his sock and lifted his foot.

Tuesday, May 11

Ice Cream and Headstones

This last Sunday was the first Mother's Day that we celebrated after losing dad.  He used to plan the day. We knew it would be a rough one so decided to do something different. 

We made quiche and parfaits for brunch for my mother.  Instead of going to Pokagon State Park, like we had planned, my mom wanted to go to the cemetery where her mother was buried and peruse the headstones.

It may seem sacrilegious for some, but we bought ice cream and we ate it while we walked among the headstones of those who have gone before us.  I only mention this because as I was thinking about my family's life over the last year and a half, it is like we have been walking in a graveyard full of death and are forced to act as if everything is normal - eating ice cream on the graves of those we have lost.

Sometimes we have no choice but to move forward and live life although everything around us seems so bleak.  Don't let the shadows of the past keep you from enjoying the sweet things that life has to offer.

Monday, May 10

Cell Phone, I Don't Want to Die

If you recall, my number one pet peeve is when someone throws trash out of a car window.  Right up there with it is when someone is texting/browsing the Internet and driving.  I don't want to die. 

So, the other day when I noticed my husband conspicuously pulling his cell phone out of his pocket, I kindly, but assertively reminded him that he loves me and doesn't want me to die in a tragic car accident because he got a Facebook notification.

In response he did this-

I could have thrown that iPhone out of the car window.