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Monday, April 5

Do it for the Children!

I don't have many pet peeves.  I can usually understand why people do the things that they do, even if they are kind of annoying.  This helps me to go through life with a good attitude.  

But I have to say it.  I can't stand it when someone throws trash out of their car window.  CAN'T STAND IT!

I don't understand the thinking that goes behind this act.  The only possible explanation that I can come up with is that the person is lazy.

Last night we were driving behind a vehicle sporting a "Committed to Education" license plate and as we sat at a red light the booger threw a package of cigarettes out of the window.  Are you serious?  Are you too lazy to take the feather-weight empty package and carry it to a trash can?

When we saw this, my husband honked his horn for, no joke, ten seconds.  The car pulled into a gas station a short time later and my sister yelled out of the window, "MAYBE YOU SHOULD BE EDUCATED ABOUT LITTERING FOOL!"  Ok, I added the fool part- but come on.

I know that they probably didn't hear what my sister said or understand why my husband was honking but I'd like to think that we did a little something for the world.

We thought about stopping, grabbing the cigarette package and pulling in the gas station to tell the driver that he dropped something.  Then we thought better of it because he may have a shotgun.  This IS Indiana.

If for no other reason, do it for the children, man.

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Anonymous said...

Amen! jenn bunch