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Tuesday, February 16

Dog Energy For Sale

After dog sitting two dachshunds this past weekend I have decided I need to find a way to bottle up dog energy and put it in my pocket so I can take a swig at 3:00pm every day at work.

Meet Stan Smith and Face Murdock.

If these two aren't wrestling on the floor, they are running around the yard, humping something or sleeping in your lap. Can you say, bundles of energy?

Stan is the older, wiser dog. He is extremely smart, which reminds me of our dog Maddy. He is smart enough to know how to get attention. He usually wants to please you but at times that stubbornness kicks in.

Take for instance Saturday morning when he peed on the curtain. He stared at me across the room as the urine inched its way up the fabric. Proceeding in seemingly slow motion, I tripped on the edge of the counter while yelling NO! This was done to no avail. Stan knew I could not make it in time.

Face is the younger, cuddly one. He can sleep in any position and follows Stan wherever he goes. Face chews on Stan's ear like it is a wet wash rag so I am surprised it hasn't fallen off. Stan takes it like a man or an annoyed older brother who knows better.

During playtime:

After playtime:

Coming soon to a store near you: Face Smith Energy Drink


Anonymous said...

I love the names that kim and her husband give their dogs! Haha :)


Anonymous said...

we were just talking about this at work last week. If i come up with a way to bottle energy i'll let ya know. Briana
ps: i have been following your blog- i like it :)

Jana Alexis said...

I'm not a huge "wiener-dog" fan but those pictures are too cute!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I used to have a dachshund. They're incredible.

I miss my pups! To the breeder!