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Wednesday, February 17

Texas Style Mayberry

One day, not so many years ago, I worked a classic car auction in Texas.

Bid 1000 would ya give two? Two, would you give three? I see that hand! $3000, $3000, $3000, would you give four?

I determined that since I was in Texas for the first time in my life that I would leave for the airport early when the auction was complete. I wanted to explore on the way. As I drove, I passed by cheesy pottery dealers and open expanses of field, but one exit caught my eye. The sign boasted a small town historic district.

It was about lunch time so I decided to pull over.

I cannot for the life of me recall the name of the town but I remember driving down the abandoned Main Street. It was Sunday and it appeared as if most folks were in church or sleeping.

Despite the quiet, I noticed there was a section of Main Street where cars lined the streets. Wearing gray pants,a black shirt and high heels, I walked into the restaurant and the whole town was inside. I looked out of place but I bought myself a cup o' chili (because that is what you eat in Texas) and listened to the guitar-playing man in the corner.

As the waitress was serving my food, the cowboy singer broke out into the song I Got Friends In Low Places and the whole room started to sing along. The waitresses clapped and men in flannel shirts patted their neighbors backs.

I couldn't believe it. I had been transported back to the time that deep down we all wish it was but are too uptight to admit. I couldn't make myself clap or sing though. I just smiled and stuffed my face with chili.

Next time I go to a small town in Texas, I am going to sing along with the cowboys. I will also replace my heels for a flannel shirt.

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