Experience is a Doorway, Not a Final Destination- Oswald Chambers

Friday, February 19

Skinny Dipping Exit Strategies

There is something very exhilarating about skinny dipping. It may have to do with the thrill of taking a risk, but I think the appeal is roaming free with no restraints.

I can't count the number of times I have skinny dipped but if I recall correctly, I have tried it in five different states. It is just as fun in Florida as it is in Indiana.

During one particular escapade, a group of friends threw a party to say goodbye to a couple who were moving to a different country. While the guys obliviously relaxed inside, about five of us snuck out and jumped in the lake. I dove in without noticing that the lake level was low and there was no ladder or beach to easily maneuver my way back to safety once the skinny dipping adventure was over.

We had our fun and all proceeded to climb out of the murky water when I realized my folly and couldn't get out. I tried climbing, jumping, going backwards, sideways and any other way that you can imagine.

My friend Katie and I stood there for a few minutes debating what to do. There was that part of me that knew the only way to get out of the water was to throw caution to the wind. So I repeated to myself that it was dark enough that Katie couldn't see that well and clumsily (and I mean clumsily) crawled over the ledge with a not so gentle shove from the aforementioned friend.

Life lesson people: Never skinny dip without an exit strategy otherwise you'll have to rely on the notion that your friends really do like you for who you are on the inside. They will never forget what they see.

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