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Wednesday, February 3

Don't Touch My Nose!

Below is a short list of my ticks and mannerisms that make me... well, me.

At night time I generally complete one Sudoku puzzle while I am laying in bed. I like to lay on my right side so the only hand I have free is my left hand. Even though I am right handed, every time I complete a Sudoku puzzle, I write left handed. I have become an expert in writing numbers that way. Go me.

I also have Rain-Man-like tendencies. I catch myself counting the syllables in sentences when someone is talking to me. I count as if the person is talking in 3/4 time signature or 4/4 time signature. I tap my fingers while the person is talking. Yes. I am that person. Def-Def-Definitely.

Also, no one is allowed to touch my nose. No one period - not even my husband. I am not sure why my mental state prohibits this but I think it has something to do with the thought that I might have boogers hanging from these orifices.

My husband tells me that I frequently exaggerate the amount or the cost of something. Instead of saying, "I had 50 emails in my Inbox today," I will say, "I had a million emails in my Inbox today." Or "That run on the treadmill lasted ten hours."

When I make a point that I think is definitive, I push my plate away at the dinner table. I also repeat myself purposefully at least three times when I feel a thought is profound or important because I am not sure that the other person understands the magnitude of my epiphany.

The Magnitude Of My Epiphany.


And did I mention that no one should ever, ever, ever, touch my nose or I will punch you in the arm with my left hand a million times while counting the syllables in your cries for mercy?

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