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Friday, January 29

Cops - Whatcha Gonna Do?

What is it about the television show Cops that intrigues the crap out of me? I can't get enough of it. I try to look away but the screen is like a magnet.

The show consists of police officers dressed in blue arguing with either buck toothed hillbillies or inner city thugs with pants on the ground, pants on the ground...

I live in Orlando where crime seems to be the hobby of a disproportionate part of the population. My husband and I are frequently reminded of this fact. On more than one occasion we have been awakened because a helicopter is flying low over our house and shining its lights in our yard in search of a criminal.

Cops Scenario

Cop pulls out a small knife.

Cop: "Why is this in your purse?"

Female Redhead: "I use it for fishin'."

Cop pulls out a hammer.

Cop: "Why is this in your truck?"

Female Redhead: "It's my favorite hammer."

Cop pulls a pipe out of redhead's pocket.

Cop: "There's a pipe in your pocket."

Female Redhead: "It's not mine."

Cop places handcuffs on woman.

Female Redhead: "I was lookin' for my dog and since you cuffed me I don't have no dog no more."

Really? It's not mine? I don't have no dog because you handcuffed me? If that wasn't a sign that the pipe was the redheads, I don't know what is.

This reminded me of when I taught three-year-old kids and I asked one of them if he had been playing in the bathroom. He said, "no," while the soap was dripping off the walls and his forehead. Some of us never grow up.

This television show is a half-hour-long life lesson. I won't ever forget what I learn. No one wants to loose a dog because of handcuffs.

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