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Tuesday, January 19

Unequivocally Ashley

While looking through my photos today I caught a glimpse of a folder I aptly titled Ash. For those of you who are unaware, Ashley is my sister.

The folder contained photos of her, most of which came from the month we were in China.

Although my other sister Audra and I rank pretty high on the goofball scale,

Ashley is in a league of her own. She can make anyone bust-a-gut with laughter (See Chinese rickshaw driver below).

Few words can accurately describe these pictures so I will let them speak for themselves.

Sorry Ash. I couldn't help myself. You made me smile today so I had to spread the love. You seem to have that effect on me. Maybe that is why your middle name is Joy?

P.S. In the last photo isn't she reminiscent of the little girl in The Emperor's New Groove?


Anonymous said...

SO amazing!!! I love ASH!!! this is why she's been my best friend for years and now a best friend to my husband.. she's HILARIOUS and she doesn't care who's around!


Anonymous said...

Haha thats great!


Anonymous said...

Awesome :)

Anonymous said...

this girl seems really cool.

Anonymous said...

this is funny, Al. Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

That's my girl! And, yes, Joy does fit her craziness, doesn't it?
(But I never thought about her close relationship to the little girl from "Emperor's New Groove."--Weird!) -Love, Mom

Searchingfor Me said...

haha It was great getting to be in high school and softball with her for a little while. Whenever any of us were down she could always lift our spirits! Thanx for sharing the photos! They are great! I'm sure Ashley just loved it. :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely friend of mine. LOVE THIS GIRL!


allisongraber said...

I was thinking the other day about her contortionist tricks she can do with her belly. :)