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Wednesday, January 13

Sleet...errr... Snow

I cannot let another day go by without mentioning the cold front that moved through Central Florida this last week. It has been the talk of the town. By cold front, I mean there were snow flurries that fell in some parts of Florida.

One morning I woke up and opened my front door to find sleet/ice spitting from the sky. Just as I was about to go inside I heard hooting and hollering from my neighbors down the street because they were so delighted with the "snow." (I say snow to appease my Florida friends even though it was anything but.)

I do have to mention that I don't mind the cold. I don't even mind snow. Those winters in the great Midwest thickened my skin. I would prefer though to be in a place like Colorado when the snow flurries fall.

This is a picture I took during a trip to Colorado while jeeping over Imogene Pass.

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