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Wednesday, January 20

Maddy the DogCat

I have recently been going through Maddy withdrawal. She is living in Indiana while we are transitioning our belongings from Orlando to the great Midwest.

Maddy can be... how do you say it? Uptight? Hyperactive? Spazoid? Endearingly tightly wound?

Maybe a more fitting description would be that Maddy is a dogcat. I have decided this because:

1. She cleans herself excessively
2. She bats her paws like a cat
3. She has nine lives.

This dogcat stayed with my mother for the past two months until...

Dahm Dahm Dahm

Exhibit A
Oak Door

Exhibit B

When I heard what she had done I didn't believe it at first. She usually behaves. But the more I thought about it the more I realized that she is like a child when they have lost the structure in their life. Instead of peeing her pants she decided to chew on my mother's oak panel door and rip apart the brand new carpet.

I would take pee over that destruction any day.

An apology letter is on its way Mom. I can't imagine the reaction you had to that mess. Maddy must have a tenth life hidden in there somewhere.


Anonymous said...

oh, Maddy. So dysfunctional and so photogenic :)


dannica said...

Poor Maddy, she misses her mommy.....

Anonymous said...

Actually, Maddy obviously knew she was in trouble--but I don't think she feared for her life. I handled it fairly well, I think! :) Calling my handyman today! :) -Mom

allisongraber said...

Yeah I think she does miss me - that ill-behaved, dogcat, child of mine.