Experience is a Doorway, Not a Final Destination- Oswald Chambers

Monday, March 1

Boobra and Barbara Love Twinkies

I was thinking today that a higher-than-normal amount of my friends are nurses. Because of this I hear some interesting stories.

One woman worked in a nursing home and I will never forget her boob stories. This nurse was bathing an older woman and, of course, Boobra and Barbara were no longer perky and "happy to see you". So while lifting one of the twins in order to wash underneath, the nurse found a Twinkie that the old woman had stuck there to save for later. Who needs a pocket?

Another time, a nurse noticed a growth on a woman's arm in the nursing home as she was walking down the hall. The growth was pretty large and was just below the hem line of her t-shirt sleeve. Upon analysis the nurse realized that the woman had tucked her boob in her sleeve and the growth was not a mole. That flexibility would come in handy when it is time for a mammogram. Plop.

I had thought about becoming a nurse before I began college. Although I think that I would have enjoyed it, I made the correct decision when I chose to study communication.

I can rely on other people's nursing stories to keep me entertained. When I am old enough to tuck my twins under my belt I am going to hide a Twinkie under there just to give my nurses a story to tell.


Easy Street said...

Just don't forget you left it there! Can you imagine :-)

Jana Alexis said...

This is hilarious. Please stop making me laugh out loud at work.