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Wednesday, March 10

Confessions of a... Cough, Cough... Twilight Fan

Yesterday we went to Olympic National Park and Forks. I found myself embarrassed to be in Forks. While passing locals on the street, I knew that they were thinking that I was just another one of the crazy tourists who ridiculously traveled across the country to get a vampire fix.

One of the gas station attendants asked me if I was a Twilight fan and I hesitated. "Um, well... I have read the books but I wouldn't call myself a fan," I said with my eyes to the ground (if I would have looked him in the eyes, he would have seen right through my web of lies).

We traveled to the La Push reservation and there was even a sign that read Treaty Line. The general store sold garlic too.


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious and awesome all at the same time :)
Glad you guys made it there.


allisongraber said...

I still think I should have taken a picture of the Ziploc baggies with Jacob's hair and the wolf hair. Disgusting.