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Thursday, March 4

So Long Trouser Socks!

I have spent my week packing up our house in preparation for the moving truck's arrival today. By the end of the day yesterday I was coming up with every excuse in the book to take a break.

I am so OVER packing.

I placed a vase in a box. Oh! Time for a break. It was two hours until lunch. Welp- break time.

I managed to stack some boxes neatly. If it wasn't for my friend Katie who, bless her, packed half of my house in December, I would not have been able to do this on my own.

Most of the packing went smoothly but when I opened up that junk drawer and my husband's night stand, I gave up and shoved the amalgamous mess in a box titled Desk or Lynn's Stuff. My organizational analness can only take me so far.

After packing about two boxes of socks and random clothing I spent an hour in the living room staring out the window thinking about how I won't have to wear trouser socks anymore. They were a necessity once we moved down here, my husband said, because the stench of my feet in the Florida heat could clear out a room. Hence the time Lynn took out a basin to soak my feet. I thought he was being romantic but he admitted that he was tired of breathing through his mouth.

By tonight I will be passing over the Florida state line and throwing my trouser socks out of the window.


Anonymous said...

Dear God and i going to miss you.
Drive Safely. Arrive Alive. Enjoy the Ride my friend- jenn bunch

Easy Street said...

We can breathe better here...but we're happy you arrived safely :-)

Jessi the Krantz said...


allisongraber said...

I found it hilarious that since I wrote about my smelly feet, I have seen an ad on the side of my blog about fixing smelly feet. Oh, if they only knew.