Experience is a Doorway, Not a Final Destination- Oswald Chambers

Wednesday, March 10

Fireside in Washington

Yesterday we spent part of the day at Riverfront Park in Spokane. It was the site of the World's Fair in 1974. We fed a metal trash-sucking goat, climbed a larger than life red wagon and explored the park a bit.

We ate at a place in downtown Spokane that was recommended to me by the couple whom I sat next to on my airplane flight from Phoenix. Instead of serving chips and salsa or bread before the meal, we had two bowls of popcorn. The sandwiches were amazing.

We drove for seven hours to western Washington for the next stage of our journey.

This morning, as I type this, I am sitting in front of a fireplace in a lodge directly adjacent to Olympic National Park.

The view is kind of obstructed by a large hill, but I am enjoying the heat of the log fireplace, the smell of burning wood and the sounds of instrumental music.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got to see the trash eating goat! Check that one off your list of things to do before you die. Ward would feel so gratified that you took time to do that. I feel fortunate to keep up with your grand adventures while I continue to hustle to my car nightly, jingling my keys, clutching my purse and looking all around me, paranoid that someone is about to jump me. Ahhh, the simple life....


allisongraber said...

I love the simple life. I no longer have to lock my Jeep! Although, a house a few roads over was burglarized the other night. We think it was some Amish teens. Good times in Grabill, Indiana. Good times.