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Tuesday, March 30

Our Mutt the Sun Goddess

Our dog Maddy, as you have read about before, is kind of a character.  We have figured out though that she is pretty smart as well.

My husband and I are currently staying at my in-law's house while they are in Florida.  The temperature in the house is set at 69 degrees and at times there can be a chill in the air.  The main bathroom has heated tile and our dog figured this out pretty quickly.

So at night, instead of sleeping close to our bed like usual, she sleeps in the bathroom on the warm tile.

Sometimes she won't even move when we walk in the room.  She will just look at us like, "How DARE you bother me while I slumber."  If you know Maddy, that is so out of character.

I think that just as God created me for the cold weather, Maddy was made to enjoy heat.  Florida suited her, poor thing.

On Sunday I had a chill. Crazy right? So I decided to give the tile floor a try.  I sat on the bathroom floor for a half hour and read a book.  It worked! 

I could learn a thing or two from that wise mutt. 


Brenda Geiser said...

That's the girl! What a silly dog! Gotta love her!

Jana Alexis said...

Maddy's pictures are so cute! Dogs can be so funny... :)

allisongraber said...

Love that dog. I so agree with you Jana. Dogs are entertaining.