Experience is a Doorway, Not a Final Destination- Oswald Chambers

Thursday, March 25

If You Need to Fry an Egg, Put It on My Arm

I truly believe that God created me for cold weather.  I get grumpy if it is too hot and I am not afraid to tell everyone about it.  Sorry to all my Florida friends who had to listen to my rantings for two years.

I radiate heat.  And when I say that, I am not lick-my-finger-and-place-it-on-my-hip-while-I-make-a-sizzling-sound joking.  I am literally a furnace.

Last night I woke up to my husband's supplication to please move over to my side of the bed because he was sweating.  If you were to graze my arm during those moments, it would be hot to the touch. Being able to withstand the cold weather is one thing I can be thankful that I inherited from my father and my grandfather.

My perfect day would be a fall evening at dusk.  The temperature is below 60 degrees, the leaves have changed colors and it is cloudy.  Someone in the distance is burning leaves and... I have a million dollars... and a whiskey sour on the rocks... and cheese.


Kristin said...

Just subscribed to your blog and thinking it's going to be well worth my time to read. :)

Kristin B. said...

I guess I should specify which Kristin. Kristin Bucher from China.

allisongraber said...

Great to hear from you! I have been keeping up with your journey as well. :)