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Monday, March 8

Sunsets, Silence, Space

Oh Indiana! I have missed you. While I was on the home stretch after 18 hours of driving from Florida to Indiana, the sun was setting ahead of me and I was surrounded by fields on every side. I realized three of the things that I have been lacking.

1. Sunsets
2. Silence
3. Space

Now, after my first weekend in Indiana, I remember why I appreciate this state so much.

I walked my dog on a trail behind my in-laws house and two horses in the neighboring field ran up to the fence to greet me. I said hello and stared at them for awhile. When I started walking, they walked along side me. I stopped again and they stopped as well to stare at me. I wonder if they could tell that I had been a city girl and they thought that I needed an escort while walking in the country?

I also went to a laundromat this weekend. I had a wonderful conversation with a stranger there. She knew who I was through Lynn's family and we talked about life. That would not happen in Orlando.

On Saturday when we unloaded the moving truck that I had just helped to pack a few days earlier (ugh), three of Lynn's brothers and one of his nephews helped us unload without being asked. It was so refreshing to experience that type of community again.

I have saved the best experience for last- I haven't locked my car doors since I have been here. When it is parked in the driveway, I leave the keys in the ignition. When I parked at the laundromat, it was unlocked. I can't tell you how that feels. It is like I can relax again.


Jessi the Krantz said...

I'm with ya girl! Just got into Ark last night, I feel so safe here. Last night I pulled up to a gas station and some good ol' boy asks "who won?", I was like "whoa, who is this psycho?" he says "did you go to the tournament?"...and I think to myself, "Oh, he's just a NICE PERSON who ISN'T going to rob me..." When I went inside the gas station I chatted a bit with the country boy behind the counter and the police man who was chillin' there...he says "You have a good night now ma'am." ah, so nice...I'm glad your home safe dear. Now time to relax and enjoy the simple life!

Brandy said...

Homesick. Right now. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

glad you are safe...and happy! xo


Anonymous said...


allisongraber said...

The simple life pretty much translates to more friendly strangers, slower life and less crime.

There are, however, not as many restaurants and events. I do miss those things- and possibly the people that I grew to love. ;)