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Monday, March 22

Evil Worm Fish = Uncontrollable Urination

When my sister was little, she loved animals.  Along with multiple hamsters, Ashley collected exotic fish and creatures for her aquarium.  She had albino see-through frogs, really cool fish that had bulges and the worm fish.

The person at the store assured Ashley that the worm fish was vegetarian and that all of her fish would be safe.  But, from the first moment I laid eyes on that worm, eel-like thing, I called it evil.  I hated it.  I just knew that when I slept it would find its way up to my room to bite me.

My mother arrived in Ashley's room one day and found that the worm fish was half way out of the tank (on its way to bite me).  My mother, who herself was freaked out by the devil fish, sent Ashley to retrieve a glove so she could poke it back in the aquarium.  While Ashley was on her errand, the eel fell on the floor and my mom, after a scream or two, peed her pants.

She couldn't blame this on age.  It was from pure fright.  I think if a grey, squirming creature was attacking me, I would pee my pants too.  

After Ashley found a glove, (and rubbed in the fact that her mother, a grown up, had peed her pants,) they somehow shoved the eel back in the aquarium.

Sometime later Ashley started noticing that her fish were disappearing.  My family couldn't figure out which of the fish were eating the others.  They had it in their heads that it was the bottom feeder.  Duh.

One day one of my siblings caught the evil thing with an albino frog leg hanging out of its mouth. We placed it in a different bowl and it died a day or two afterward from reasons unknown.  I think it was possessed.

RIP devil fish.  Good riddance.


Jenny C said...

Totally thought you were heading in the direction of the Candiru http://www.damninteresting.com/the-terrifying-toothpick-fish

allisongraber said...

Ugh. I have heard of those fish. I can't imagine. I hope that I'll never have a run-in with that thing. Ouch.

Anonymous said...

haha. good times. good times :)