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Monday, April 26

Bill Gates the Orkin Man

Today we had a visit from the Orkin man so that we could slaughter the carpenter ants that have infested our cabinets.

I thought that we must have like 10,000 ants based on the amount of wood shavings in the kitchen, but Bob the bug man said it was more like a few thousand. I am actually amazed that the cabinets are still intact.  

Bob was exactly how I picture a pest control man to be- friendly, a little different and wearing glasses.

He reminded me of this guy:

After he told me stories from his most interesting bug assassinations, we stood in front of the cabinet where he sprayed and watched them drop from the nest in pain.  We laughed evil laughs and I smashed the dying ants to put them out of their misery. 


When I lived in Florida I ran an ever-growing list in my mind of the types of animals that could kill or maim me. 

Black Bears
Black or Brown Widow Spiders
Any Kind of Snake
Fire Ants
That rat that ran across our fence in the backyard every evening

I could only think of a few animals that could harm me in Indiana- the worst being a snapping turtle. Second on the list are cute little bunnies.  Third place is now awarded to carpenter ants.

I will probably spend all day today standing in front of the cabinet, smashing ants.  Who needs television? 

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