Experience is a Doorway, Not a Final Destination- Oswald Chambers

Friday, April 30

Resting My Brain

Some days it is necessary to be quiet.  Not the hold-your-tongue-when-someone-says-something-stupid quiet, but the I-need-to-rest-my-brain quiet.

When I lived in Florida, I spent a lot of time alone because we were only able to make a few close connections there due to the short duration of our stay and the lack of money to do much of anything.  Now that I am in Indiana and actually go out on the weekends or spend time with people in the evenings, I realize how important it is to set aside a time of silence where I can just BE.

When was the last time you weren’t bombarded with music, television or the Internet?  If it has been over a week, take time today to do it.  It is refreshing.  You might just learn something new about yourself.


Anonymous said...

I've learned over the years that taking time for yourself, and distancing yourself from the rest of the world really contributes to better health. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

I was just sharing with my husband that I took time to do that last weekend while he was gone. You know what? I felt rested. What a concept. Amen!

allisongraber said...

Silence is definitely a foreign concept to a lot of people. It's so necessary, but has been lost because of constant information overload.