Experience is a Doorway, Not a Final Destination- Oswald Chambers

Thursday, April 1

Friendly Faces and Far Off Places

Last night I went out with three of my best friends from my high school years.  We ate Mexican food, talked about life and relaxed at Starbucks.  Yes, Starbucks.  MUST HAVE STARBUCKS.

Susan is an avid traveler and has been to every continent.  In another week she is flying to Kenya and then will spend some time driving across Europe.  I want to fit in her suitcase.  Should I try it?

Rachel is a missionary in Ethiopia and her family is in The States for a few months.  Rachel and Argaw, her husband, started an orphanage there and have three children.  "It's a risky business making babies, but somebody has gotta do it," she said with a laugh.

Kristen is a home health care nurse who lives in the Fort Wayne area and knows all of the interesting and fun haunts here.  The other night before my art museum escapade we couldn't think of a place to eat so we called her up.  She is one of the most joyful people I know.

Susan, Rachel, Kristen and Genesis (Rachel's baby)

I LOVE that I can keep in touch with these women. 

I can't wait to be old and hear what we are passionate about.  Last night we talked about God, sex, family, death, traveling and writing.  Fifty years from now we will either be obsessed with our dentures or excited about life.  From the looks of this group, I am betting it will be the latter.


Anonymous said...

Ahh! Such sweet times with such amazing women, makes me feel even more alive! Lets do that more often! ~Kristen

Anonymous said...

I also had such a GREAT time with my long-time buds. I absolutely cannot WAIT for the next time we all get together. I love you girls!!

Anonymous said...

Ummm, that last comment was from Rachel, by the way! LOL

allisongraber said...

Yes and yes!