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Thursday, April 22

Take That, Coffee Cozy

I went to a women's retreat this last weekend and had a blast.  Good times Laotto Wesleyan ladies, good times.  Not only did I learn how to make a fire with Kleenex, but I was enlightened as to my life's calling.  I, ladies and gentlemen, was introduced to the wonderful world of felting.

Yes, I literally made felt.

You simply take a felting needle (small with barbs on the end), poke it through wool and shape something you want.  You jab the wool until it meshes together.

Voila! Felt.  You can make bracelets, gloves, a coffee cozy or even coasters.

When I left the retreat I was determined to buy roving (wool) and felt to my hearts content.  It is a stress reliever.  I don't have a job....stab that wool.  I really want that brownie....take that, coffee cozy.

After searching high and low for the wool, I found a few small packets at Jo-ann's Fabric and Craft Store and spent last evening felting. 

Below are my two beautiful creations.  Keep in mind that I am a beginner. Be kind. 

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