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Wednesday, April 7

My Husband the Amish Man?

When my husband and I were first married he had long hair- black ringlets that most women swooned over because they would kill for hair like his. (Don't tell him I told you that.)

An Amish relative had passed away and we were on our way to the funeral.  I'm worried that I might offend some of the Amish there because of the length of my hair, my husband said.  I told him not to worry about it.  We wouldn't be at the funeral for very long.

When we arrived at the small white church, we stood in line to pass by the casket and say our condolences. 

As we entered the sanctuary, an Amish man in the front of the room took off his black hat. His hair, which had been combed over his bald spot, fell from the top of his head and past his shoulders. It was inches longer than my husband's hair!  Our eyes from that point forward were glued to the front of the room where we noticed that most of the older men who had bald spots grew their hair out that way. 

That'll teach me to judge someone based on preconceived notions.  I didn't check for earrings though.  Hmmm... Should I have checked for hidden earrings?

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