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Monday, April 12

Fishing with Schwarzenegger

A few years ago, when I was going through a mellow music listening stage, my husband surprised me with tickets to a Josh Groban concert.  Judge me if you will.  My eyes glistened when I heard You Raise Me Up the first one hundred times on the radio.  I admit it.

In between EVERY song Groban would stand on the stage and bask in all the fame.  Girls yelled out, "I love you Josh!" or "Will you marry me?"  Instead of moving on and singing, like we paid him to do, he would smile, point out at the audience and say, "I love you too."  FOR LIKE 10 MINUTES AT A TIME.  I wanted to shout "Get over yourself and sing!"

I didn't yell (I should have), but it made me think.

Why is it that we are obsessed with celebrities in our culture? I do not have any really exciting stories about a celebrity run-in but I realized that I have a ready-made list in my mind of the celebrities that I have seen, just in case the topic is brought up in a conversation.

Do I do this because if I am associated by some trivial encounter I am more important?  Hmmmm.....

Below is the list. Be prepared to be amazed. Or not. 

1. Jay Leno (I was too young to get into his show, so I kind of snuck in.  I thought I could pass for 18.  It worked.)

2. Susan Sarandon on The Tonight Show

3. Robert Downey Jr. walking down Rodeo Drive at dusk. Yes.

4. Slater from Saved By the Bell shooting a movie on Venice Beach

5. That kid from The Sixth Sense on The Tonight Show

6.Carrot Top while I was working out at L.A. Fitness in Winter Park- all I can say is that he has to be on steroids and he is red from his head to his feet.

7.  I dreamt once that I went fishing with Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Does that count?

Which celebrities have you encountered?  Amaze me.


Brenda Geiser said...

When I was 14, (yes, I was 14 once), mom took my friend, Dawn, and I, to King's Island and The Partridge Family was there! OOOH! Dawn and I were walking alongside the limo that David Cassidy and Susan Dey (you can google them) were riding in. All at once, I heard a security person say, "Miss, Miss!" And my friend, Dawn, fell over a garbage can because she was looking in the window trying to get a peek at the diva and divo (?) instead of watching where she was going! Did I ever tell you that story? Mom

Kristin Bucher said...

I've never seen a celebrity that I can remember. You'd think I'd remember something like that. Just wanted to say I like your blogging. Very entertaining and mostly thought provoking. Say Hi to Lynn.

Erin Yoder said...

"That kid from The Sixth Sense"? haha. If you are talking about the main kid, my cousin was an extra in Pay it Forward (which he is also in) and when she met him, all she could think to say was that she had spilled ketchup on her shirt earlier. Classy.

Michael Johns(from american idol) hit me in the nose with his elbow when giving a fan next to me a hug.
Don't worry. He apologized. Which was great, because he is Australian and I got to hear his voice.

allisongraber said...

Erin- I love Australian accents... and Michael Johns. Jealous.

Kristin- thanks for the comment. I was thinking the other day that Lynn told me while he was in China he was sure he saw Yao Ming. I am not sure if you were with him when he saw him or if he made that story up to impress me while we were dating. :)

Mom- at least you weren't the one who tripped. It's much more fun to tell the story when you aren't the one whose face is in the trash.

Anonymous said...

I went to the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn once. I didn't recognize any of the guests. That's probably why they were giving tickets away for free that day on the street. Also, Screech from Saved by the Bell was at Full Sail one day. I didn't actually see him, but I heard his voice from around the corner. Sexy, right?