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Friday, April 2

Oh iPhone- How you Dazzle Me

I am going to attempt to blog with my iPhone but cannot promise clear and precise sentences because my fingers tend to hit the wrong letters inadvertently.  I have only owned this phone for a few weeks, but I find that it has the potential to consume my every thought.  Hence this post which was composed on my phone.  I couldn't help myself.

While sitting next to my mother, who was talking about something inconsequential (I can't remember), I realized I had been daydreaming about the phone. I knew exactly where it was in my purse, I remembered the last site I visited and I had an overwhelming urge to hold it.

It was sickening.

I admitted my obsession to my brother and mother. The iPhone has changed my life, I said. Traveling across the globe, changing me?  That is nothing compared to this technology.

Now if you will excuse me.  I am going to check my voicemail.


tabathaanne said...

Allison! We are technology soul sisters... I hadn't even read this post but today, for the first time EVER, I decided to try and blog from my blackberry!

Oh, and my husband convinced me he needed an IPhone about 3 weeks ago, and he too is completely and utterly obsessed!

Anonymous said...

Al, you are too funny! I think my mom has like 500 apps on her iPhone. It's so addicting, I'm sure! Crazy how that works. Apple is probably the most intelligent money-making company I've ever known! I'm glad you like your iPhone. --Rachel

allisongraber said...

I have set limits to the amount of time that I have the phone in my hands. I know boundaries help children to succeed so I thought I'd try it out for myself. I will tell you how it goes. :)